Thursday, March 31, 2011

Auckland Horn Day

I guess it's Musical Thursday here on my blog. Just going through the NZ photos and I see that next up is a bit more music that I'd like to show you. :o) In December, the inaugural Auckland Horn Day was held at the practice hall of the Auckland Philharmonia. Thanks to Laurel's fun and enthusiastic horn teacher, Jillian (and her friend Emma), the French horn players of New Zealand had their first (of many, I have no doubt!) day all to themselves, celebrating their lovely instruments.

Players of all ages and skill level came from all over New Zealand and even as far away as Australia to partake in a no holds barred, all-out French horn love fest. Most had prepared a solo or small group performance (even Laurel, whose horn was decorated with tinsel for Christmas) and then they broke into groups to work on some pieces to perform together.

It was really cool to see the pros working with the beginners and also to see that at least one beginner was well past the usual beginning age. Music has no boundaries of age or hair colour!!

Laurel had a blast. Such a fun gathering definitely helped to cement her interest and we both felt lucky to have been part of something so unique and heartfelt. Thanks Jill! :o) And thanks, too, for the history of the Kiwi asparagus roll, without which our time in New Zealand would most certainly have been a complete waste.

♫ ♫ K.

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