Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eagle Creek State Nature Preserve, Garrettsville, Ohio

An Ohio post for a small diversion this Thursday morning. Last weekend we had to spend part of a beautiful day finding some new shoes for Trey (size 10??) at the outlets down in Aurora, so to make up for that I found this gorgeous state park down that way. It was probably 1/2 hour from Solon, out 422 and down Rt. 700. Two beautiful and interesting hiking trails with bogs, lakes, wildlife, remains of very old buildings, and soon wildflowers everywhere.

Now that we've had our eyes opened to the outdoors in New Zealand, we have found a whole new world right here at home, just waiting to be explored and we are happy to do so!

All the crazy colours in this mess of thorns were so cool!

NZ friends, this is an Amish buggy, being pulled by a horse.

Have a great day y'all!
xo, K.

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