Sunday, March 20, 2011

Here and there around Hamilton and down to Otorohanga

I can't believe I haven't posted since last Monday! I guess there's been a lot going on around here lately, and you'll hear more about all of that soon, but I must get back on track with poor, neglected New Zealand! Trey's wonderful teacher, Miss Collins, wrote to me last week and mentioned Raglan, which reminded me that I never posted the photos from in and around Hamilton and Otorohanga on our way to Waitomo and then finally back through Kawhia and Raglan and back up to Auckland. This was way back on figment-of-our-imagination Thanksgiving weekend! Yikes!

While Laurel and I found some fun shops near the museum in Hamilton, Dennis and Trey watched football (was it a Gator game?) on D's phone. Technology certainly made our time on the other side of the world easier for things like that.

Sadly for the apparently excellent Waikato Museum, we will always grumpily think of it as the museum that gypped us out of the gazillion year old penguin fossil. Saw this great story about school children finding this human-sized fossilized penguin on a field trip and couldn't wait to see it, but alas, it was in storage to avoid too much light or something to that effect. What a bummer. We took a walk on the river instead, peevishly hoping to find our own penguin fossil and donate it to an Auckland museum where we could see it anytime we wanted.

Otorohanga is the Kiwiana (Think Americana, same thing but in New Zealand. Everyone's got their own -ana, right?) capital of New Zealand. That really just meant a little alley filled with an eclectic mix of little displays and some eerie old television theme songs, to be honest. But the alley was well done! We enjoyed and learned.

Loved these Kiwi slang words and phrases. We knew most of them by then! Fun area down there to wander around a bit. This was about 3 hours south of Auckland, by the way.

Next up -- driving from Otorohanga out through Waitomo and then up to Kawhia and then through Raglan. Very soon. xo, K.

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