Friday, March 11, 2011

Robins are a sign of spring, right?

It's snowed a foot here since last night and it's sooooo gorgeous. Had to show you all a few sights from my walk around the 'hood today. I followed this fat robin up our road for a while. I'm not sure how that all works with birds -- was this one filled with eggs or what? He/she/it was so round! I was sure it couldn't fly but eventually when it realized I was gonna keep following it, it flew away. Quite a rev up for take-off was needed.

Got home after 1/2 hour or so and these lovely creatures were hanging out in my backyard. One was a lookout for the dogs and two got to eat. I'm not sure what they eat other than my hostas, but they looked healthy.

I'm really glad we've had a few nice snowfalls since we got back. It's very cool and I would've been bummed to miss out altogether on winter.

xo, K.

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