Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Christmas shopping

Good morning, everyone! How's Wednesday so far? We're having a lovely collage of mud, rain, flooding, and dark skies here in Cleveland, oh joy! I'm going to position myself so that I can't see out any windows and travel back in time to November when it was summer in Auckland and I was doing a bit of Christmas shopping. In fact, The Hanukkah Song just randomly started on iTunes so I guess even my computer is in the mood for some holiday cheer.

If you're a regular reader -- and who isn't! -- you might kind of remember that we stopped the vaguely real-time sequence of events a few months ago just after the Waitomo (glow worms) posts in order to focus on the South Island. I'm going to start back up now just after Waitomo and then continue on through the rest of our stay in NZ. The following photos are from the 30th of November. I won't be all specific about all of this, but I thought you should have at least a bit of a clue about what's going on chronologically.

These were all taken in the Newmarket area (except the Kelly Tarlton car shot) as I walked from place to place checking off the items that would make up our little Christmas on the road. I will say I had to walk further than I thought in not very walkingish shoes to get my wonderful husband 5 shirts from the only Harley dealer in Auckland. They had some of the coolest t-shirts I'd ever seen. Between those and the Mr. Vintage haul, Dennis will be comfy in Kiwi style for quite some time.

Cheers, friends. Talk to you all soon! k.

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