Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Otorohanga to Te Anga to Kawhia to Raglan

Thank you for your patience as we return from a small break to present: The Rest of the Photos from our loop around the middle of the North Island.

We wanted to see three things along that road from Waitomo to Te Anga. There are caves, a waterfall, and an enormous prehistoric looking natural bridge created by an entire cave system's collapse. This is what you see from above as you wander through some farmer's land:

Gorgeous, gorgeous. Love that all of this amazing natural beauty seems to always be in the middle of nowhere on someone's farm.

Marokopa Falls and some bee boxes. Love those bee boxes!!

As we made our way up a ways toward Kawhia (pronounced with that wh=F sound of the Maori language, so it's Ka' - fi-a) we were greeted by some stunning harbors and bays. Not a soul around, no other cars, just this pure amazing beauty. Oh my gosh, do I love that place!!!

What do you all think the dog's name might be? I like to think possibly his name is Burl or Frank. Maybe he is a girl... Anyway, this is the Kawhia library.

From Kawhia, we were treated to more Kiwi driving. Thirty-some curvy miles of unsealed roads through mountains and along the water. We passed one car the whole way. No one threw up.

And then, there was Raglan. Known for its Beach Boys surfing vibe, we were anxious to check out the waves and the cute little town. Definitely wish we could've spent a couple of days there. Had their own cool radio station, too.

Lotsa photos today, eh cuzzies? Hope I didn't slow your computers down. Check back soon for more of beautiful Aotearoa!

xo, K.

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  1. Love that you took a photo of the only car you passed. What are the little heads. Slightly creepy. Kind of neat, but slightly creepy.