Sunday, April 3, 2011

Prelude to the Falls

Good morning, everyone! How's the weekend? I hope you all are warm, happy, and well. I'm just looking through some photos from our four days up north this past week. Since we returned home and didn't know where we were for a little while, spring break kind of took us by surprise, so we found a very sweet B&B in Ontario and saw some fun stuff in and around Niagara Falls. It's only a 3 1/2 hour drive from Cleveland and we haven't been there since my grandmother's funeral in upstate-NY back in 2004.

To get there from here, you must go through Buffalo, another city like Cleveland that gets a bad rap because of the long, snowy winters, but is actually a cool place with lots of good restaurants and culture. We just could not resist stopping at the Anchor Bar which Lonely Planet said was the home of the original Buffalo wings. Yum!!

Niagara Falls is often passed over, I think, because honestly is there anyplace that sounds much more touristy? OK, Disney World, but at least that would've been warm! But yes, there are tacky touristy areas for sure, but there's some fun to be found even in those and then there's much more. 

We loved seeing the magnificence of the falls themselves, but also the cozy and stylish Greystone Manor B&B owned and restored by two lovely men, Rob and Bill, who made us amazing breakfasts every morning and then shared all sorts of interesting stories about the surrounding area -- they know everything! 

Even Dappy says he'd happily stay there again, especially with a few extra home baked scones tossed his way.

The Clifton Hill area, a short walk from the falls is where you can find the haunted houses and wax museums if you're interested. We preferred the Hershey store and its amazing chocolate shakes and cookies and Dave and Buster's where we spent $50 to accumulate enough tickets to take home a box of Skittles and a beaded bracelet. 

Next up, I might even show you the falls. Not that anyone needs more than the Hershey store and a decadent breakfast each day. At least not me!

xo, eh? K.

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