Friday, March 25, 2011

Ponsonby, some beachy-ness, and dairy treat ingenuity

Kia Ora!! How's everyone? We're about to embark on our 2011 Spring Break, which consists so far of 35 degrees (Fahrenheit!) and a few cookies from Panera. We'll work on improving this scenario though. I was just looking through a few photos in the next folder and those would be Ponsonby's Christmas in the park and then some miscellaneous shots from a low tide walk on the beach from Clouston St. up to Karaka Bay. Ready? Here we go, here we go.

Ponsonby is a very hip suburb close to downtown Auckland. Fun restaurants and shops, cool houses, lots of trees. Sprinkled with tolerance. All good.

These next shots weren't in Ponsonby, but they were taken that same day. I hope I don't get any points taken off.

Weird sea thingies, anyone?

How about a couple extra shots that couldn't be much more random. The "milkshakes" in New Zealand are probably never going to make it to any of our highlights lists. You know by now that there's almost nothing I'm going to say to dis the Kiwis, but damn people, visit a Dairy Queen before you start selling something called a milkshake! They are supposed to be thick and made with ice cream! We finally made our own with a $10 mixer in a big bowl.

And I'm sorry, but if any of you think you can try to out-class me and my family -- good luck! We are stunning examples of etiquette.

Stay warm everybody. Happy spring break!
xo, K.

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