Saturday, October 30, 2010

Project Jonah

Hey there, everyone! The kids and I saw the coolest thing driving home from downtown today. As we came into St. Heliers we could see a few clusters of people with big canvas things on the beach. It looked as if they had some stranded whales, so we parked and went to see what was up. A lovely woman saw us and was quick to reassure us as we approached that everything was OK and that they were training.

An organization called Project Jonah ( was conducting a day-long course for volunteers who want to help with the many whale and dolphin strandings that happen here. They learn how to keep them alive on the beach, determine what medical help they might need, and then how to move them and transfer them back into the water. It was really interesting and cool to watch. We've never seen anything like that before! People learning how to save whales with volcanoes in the background. It's just too much to take! Take away my broadband forever, I love it here!!!!

 Had to show you the smiley face on the whale, too. So non-threatening that way. Save me, save me! I'm not going to eat you!

Cheers everyone!
xo, K.

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  1. Those are pretty small whales even with the smile. Cool that they're training people, but how could people really get a whale back into the water? Do they mostly get small whales and dolphins there? Seriously. Did you listen up just in case? ;) Especially for your trip down south!