Sunday, October 17, 2010

Close to home

Kia Ora! How's everyone? Your weekend is coming to a close at home and our week has begun. Kids are at school, laundry's going, bills are paid, and I'm putting off running some errands by posting some miscellaneous photos here on the blog, which is otherwise known (only to me) as my fun and relaxing escape from any form of real life.

So I have a few random photos from our second week of spring break which we spent here in Auckland, doing Auckland things. Nothing earth-shattering, but just happy stuff. Beautiful sunny and warm weather and simple pleasures that made us glad to be here and enjoying our time together.

This tiny crab skeleton out on the sandspit that Laurel and I spotted after our lunch which we enjoyed sitting on a bench by the waves one warm, lazy day.

This restaurant we walked by after dinner one night in Mission Bay that made us stop and laugh.

That I can walk a few minutes up the road to buy some wine from Ben, the wine guy, when I realize I don't have any to go with dinner. And then I can stop on the way back and watch my daughter roll down the hill, which is really an ancient volcano crater, while the boys throw the football around.

One day our car wasn't starting so well and I didn't trust it, so we walked to the tennis courts and then made a cake. I don't mean to sound all Amish here or anything. I'm just really enjoying this more laid-back pace. I'm typically fairly frazzled and a bit (Dennis is rolling his eyes here) impatient. This is a much nicer way to be.

We walked down to the beach below our house and found out that at low tide, we can make it all the way around the point to another beach that we like. So that was pretty cool.

Not sure what the deal was with the guttering, but it was a nice gesture nonetheless. And I'd love to know what the little shell-creature was trying to say! S...Send help? S...stop off-shore drilling? S...stupid crabs!! S...sand in my shell! S...silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!

Good night and much aroha to you all! xo, K.


  1. S-illy S-ausage! S is for S-am !!

  2. Of course!! I shouldve known. S...Sam!!!