Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pot luck photos!

Hey y'all! I know I have a few more photos from Cairns to post, but I'm starting to lose track of what I've shot, posted, and still have to edit and post. Oh! I remember now -- I haven't yet posted the photos from the Salt House restaurant. We came upon this groovy spot while scoping out the area where all the reef tour ships are, and now you'll have to travel back into the 70s with me again as I re-live yet another childhood fantasy (I don't have many more, don't worry). Did anyone else happen to catch the I Dream of Jeannie episode where for some reason that crazy Jeannie had a little babbling brook flowing right through Tony's living room? I don't know what else that one was about, but since then I've been fascinated with the idea of water flowing through a person's house. So when we walked through this restaurant, I was nearly delirious with the joy of it all! Look at this and tell me you wouldn't have the coolest house ever if you could do this!!

We were all set to eat there the following night, but most of the TripAdvisor reviews said that it was super expensive and the service was awful and that it wasn't worth it. So we found a cool little family-owned Greek place instead where we had the most wonderful cheese that had been grilled. I can still almost taste it...

Here's my happy girl on the beach! She was born for the beach and the ocean, she tells me. 

Cairns has a great big lagoon on the water in the heart of town. All around the pool are very nice BBQs that anyone can use and have a picnic right there by the sea. Not just regular old grills, but the kind that they use at the Japanese hibachi places. It's simply lovely. And everyone's meals smelled really good. 

There's a string of small beach towns along the coast if you drive north from Cairns, so one day we headed up that way to see if they had anything even cooler than our own little beach town. We loved one of them, Palm Cove. Fun and unique shops and a whole bunch of excellent restaurants and a picture-perfect tropical beach. We like to stay in quieter areas but to have towns like this close by, so it worked out well. 

I found the coolest bracelet ever, and then realized that no one had celebrated my 40 1/2 birthday back in July! So I got it.

The vases that lined the hallways of one of the hotels were set into pebbles and water, so again with the water inside of a living space. I really want this somehow in my house!! (I bet Samantha will come up with an idea for this)

Something funny (to us) happened while we were there. Australian rules football had its version of their Superbowl and it ended in a tie. Instead of overtime, they all came back a week later, made their signs, painted their faces, and filled up the stadium with crazed fans again, and played another whole game. Instead of the grand final, it was called the grand-grand final. Eventually one of the teams (the most hated one, I believe) won, but if it had ended with a tie again, I suppose there would've been a third one? 

Just down the street from here at a breezy tropical place called NuNu, we had one of our all-time favorite meals ever. Who knows if it was the heat, all the fresh air and sunshine, or maybe I was just starving, but honestly, I could've almost written a song about how good this food was. 

I took a photo of the menu so you guys can see what you would've ordered. I also took a photo of the meal but I'd already eaten half of it and it was not attractive. I had the warmed olives, heirloom tomato salad, and the ribs that they describe at the bottom. And a xxxx beer. It was perfect. I just love food. I am so happy that we get to take a little time every few hours in each of our days to enjoy some food and drink. This was particularly good. The men's rest room sign was amusing as well...

Besides a good meal a few times a day, one day I'd also love to have a funky old truck like this one.

And when we returned to our house, the wacky birds were at it again and there was more fishing. The end.

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