Sunday, October 17, 2010

Field trip to the zoo, mind your phallus

What's up y'all. Sunday night here, just eating some cookies (Kiwis call 'em biscuits) and sorting through some photos from this weekend. Before those go live though, here are a few from about 10 days ago when we visited the very nicely done Auckland Zoo. I've probably already said this, but everything that we go to here (with the exception of that shorebird center with no birds except for the dead one, but maybe we were out of season with that) is just top-notch. It can be the tiniest little town museum dedicated to their early plumbing tools and the quality of the presentation and items on display will rival the Smithsonian. They do good work here. 

But, the zoo -- were delighted to find a baby giraffe, a baby zebra, and some ... zoo surgery fun! I'm not sure if any of us have ever seen a baby giraffe or baby zebra. It was a high point of the day. The surgical center displays left us pondering a few different scenarios.

Personally I am so curious to know exactly what Willy did to his phallus that led to amputation. Or maybe I'm actually not... 

Trey wanted to see one thing at the zoo (he's nearly 13 and just about too cool for us) -- the hippo. We followed the signs and found the hippo's nice big pool and jungle trees, but not the hippo. This is what he got instead.

We were there on 03 October, one week later. My kids seem to have this kind of luck.

It was rather amusing to watch the zookeepers take the pigs for a walk.

That's all for tonight, folks. Enjoy your day and watch that you don't end up being called Willy.

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  1. Ha! At least you didn't post a picture with a statement like "And no, that is not a 5th leg" Ask Lisa C. about it!