Monday, October 25, 2010

No surfing mishaps, tarantulas, or hula injuries for this girl!

Went down into Mt. Eden the other day to check out some antiques shops for old maps (Dennis loves them). Didn't find anything interesting, but did see these awesome Maori guys. I reached for one and then remembered the two-part Brady Bunch where they went to Hawaii. Remember? No Tiki statues for us, even if we are in friendly New Zealand. There are curses everywhere in the Pacific.

In fact I guess I didn't buy anything at all, but it was fun to poke around.

xo, K.


  1. I'm partial to Japanese Target Balls! Did they have any of those?

  2. Did you hear that Brady Bunch warning music when you reached for the Tiki guy? Remember it had some kind of snake rattle sound effect and then this little twisted 4 note sequence? If you remember, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If not, you think I'm crazy.

    Brady bunch had other little music thingies like that…like the…"oops I screwed up" music (Wap Wap Wap Waaa) the "we are all working hard on our self chosen positive activity" music (too hard to simulate with words), but by now you've either stopped reading or totally remember!

  3. Hey Karin, that was me above who wrote that post. It wouldnt accept my google account, where my name is actually "Chagrin Highlands" because our neighborhood had a blog once upon a time.

    Anyway, it was me, Judy, but I could only make it work if I was anonymous.

    Wap Wap Wap Waaaa