Monday, October 25, 2010

All American

Finally got to the infamous Martha's Backyard, purveyors of US brands here in Auckland. Mt. Wellington, to be exact, about 10 minutes from us. I think everyone we've met has asked us if we've been, so we were feeling the pressure. It was ... amusing and fun and somewhat comforting. But also a good indication that we've found nearly all that we need here, as we really didn't find that much that we just had to have.

Trey calls this first shot "my corner of awesome."

The prices were a bit high, but when you figure the US price to be about 3/4 of the NZ price, they weren't too bad, really. Martha (or the woman running the place, whoever she was) wasn't all that friendly so I was being very unobtrusive about my photos in her backyard.

I haven't seen a pretzel in 3 months (Saturday was our exact half-way point by the way, which is a huge bummer).

What would you all miss if you found yourselves in a foreign grocery store with none of your usual stuff?

And these were the items that we just couldn't do without.

The alternating Cap'n Crunch and Cheez-Its snack is a good way to go most nights. Salty-sweet-salty-sweet. Yum.


  1. wow. that's kind of weird. it almost looks like contraband. are you sure they're going to let you leave?

  2. That is an amazing amount of stuff!! I'm a little surprised you hadn't been before, are you going back soon for the sports drinks and candy and Cheez its of course!? Or have you assimilated enough ;) Your kids look different, are they just growing up? Look at pics from just 2 months ago. Maybe it's all the tramping around! I thought of that as I was tramping in the rain in Marin County, CA. Good word. Will Martha let ya'll back, did you go undetected in the photographing? I won't tell, I promise!

  3. What would I miss the most??? That's EASY - Grape G2 and OREOs (duh!).