Saturday, October 9, 2010

Holy Flying Foxes, Batman!

Aaaaahhh....Finally I have the video clip I've been waiting for to complete the Australia posts. Many thanks to my supa dupa husband, the video guy.

The first night that we went into the city of Cairns, we arrived with our car windows open around dusk. As we sat at a red light, we could hear this sound. Screeching? Was it screeching? It was. And with our eyes toward the sky, we realized that we were under the flight path of thousands of large brown bats, all leaving the surrounding trees and making their way through one of the main streets of the town. Thousands, I kid you not.

Some people stood by the curb and watched them and some didn't seem to notice at all. It was a swooping screeching river of bats in the air. They were very, very cool. 

Just another reminder that we were far from the familiar surroundings of home. That's happening a lot lately, and we are digging it! Rock on, fruit bats!!


    Perfect spot for a Hitchcock movie!