Sunday, July 24, 2011

Breakfast, SkyTower, Flesh n' Fruity

The morning of our last full day in Auckland, we had breakfast at what had become legend in my kids' minds: The Hyatt Regency Auckland's breakfast buffet. We stayed there our first few nights in town until we got the house settled, and each morning we'd wake up at whatever insane jet-lagged time -- maybe 4am?  -- and wait till the restaurant downstairs opened at 6. They had a delicious array of familiar and slightly odd. And they would cook to order pancakes, eggs, omelets, bacon (real American-ish bacon!!), sausage... The stuff dreams are made of for the 10 and 13 year old crowd.

And after this magnificence we walked over to the SkyTower. The one semi-recognizable symbol of Auckland. We'd seen it 1000 times and had to go up to the top before we left. I wish we'd done the jump. If you watch The Biggest Loser (which we became fans of after they aired two weeks in a row from NZ), you might remember the contestants doing this.

Inside the SkyTower and going up:

Panoramic view all around Auckland and beyond. We could see where we lived and the streets that we drove every day. Cool!

Flesh N' FruitY!!
Nice n' flesh... oh yeah.

I'm such a sucker for painted brick walls.

And, that night, our last dinner at Kahvé down in St Heliers. One of our favorite spots. Sure do miss it.


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