Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Muriwai gannet colony (or: lots of bird poo on top of a cliff)

Muriwai! Over on the wild west coast just north of Piha. Winding mountain roads to get there, mild carsickness, and then the reward -- breathtaking views of that unbelievable turquoise water. And something special at this particular spot: a gannet colony. These birds mate, nest, and raise their young and then at some point they fly to Australia (a 3.5 hour flight on a 737) for a couple of years but again return to New Zealand and never leave again.

I don't know a lot other than that. They looked a lot like seagulls but with some different coloring and the nests were built on top of a big rock cliff and the babies just baked in the harsh sun. Ouch. There was a lot of poo.

Really, I just don't think there's a more beautiful place on earth than New Zealand. Unreal. Besides the gannet colony, Muriwai itself was stunning, and of course we stayed for some dinner and the sunset. It was our last weekend there. It was our birthday/anniversary/birthday weekend, when we have D's bday, then our anniversary, then my bday three days in a row. Brilliant planning for just weeks after Christmas!

Played in this cool tidal cave for a while. Found a bizarre purple crab. Anyone else ever seen a purple crab? No Kiwis allowed to answer that.

And the sunset. Our last west coast sunset. I could cry now.

This was the night of our 18th anniversary.

Who IS this awesome guy that I got to marry 18 years ago??? Just look at him.

Not only a hottie, but stops the car for me to take random photos of signs. Definitely a keeper.

Onward, friends. Next up is I'm not sure what. Only a few folders left...

Hope everyone's having a great week!! Off to figure out dinner now.

xoxo to all! K.


  1. How do the birds get on a 737?

  2. they go to the library to use the computer and buy a ticket online. duh.