Saturday, July 23, 2011

Birthday girl

My lovely friend, Pam, has suggested that I should post more photos of myself, which is such a kind request, but I'm afraid it's impossible as almost no photos of me exist. I do have this one from the Monday before we moved back to the States. It was my 41st birthday and Dennis took me to a restaurant that I'd read about: Peter Gordon's Dine, in downtown Auckland. I tried like hell to straighten my frizzy NZ 'do and actually wore a fun little dress that Laurel and I found in Queenstown. Of this I do indeed have a photo.

And I highly recommend Dine.

As you can see from the looks of the weather (typical Auckland!) my hair did not remain straight for long. 

But we stopped in the SkyCity Casino on our way back to the car and won a quick bit of cash. Not a bad take for 15 minutes! 

Happy birthday to me! 

xo, K.

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