Sunday, July 17, 2011

Viaduct Harbor, one last dinner

Oops, I made a little mistake in the last post. It was Dennis's birthday at Muriwai, not our anniversary. That's what happens when you bunch everything up togther in such a traffic jam like that. Our last dinner at Viaduct Harbor, in downtown Auckland was our anniversary dinner.

The kids went with us to this really nice restaurant, Kermadec, that Dennis liked a lot from business dinners. We got all dressed up (haha, sadly, for us that means no yoga pants) and I unwisely wore white pants. White pants that would soon enough be doused in red wine in spectacular style by Laurel who tends to do that sort of thing.

But we looked pretty good to start off the evening, even if I ended up resembling a horror movie victim, I swear we did. And by the time we finished and walked back to the car, the harbor was all lit up and it was a beautiful night to celebrate 18 years together and two gorgeous, smart (somewhat klutzy) kids.

Time for the USA girls soccer team to whoop up on Japan now. Gotta go. xoxo to all! K.

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