Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sand collectors

Kia Ora from the infirmary ward of our household as we fight off our family plague of 2011. Thank God this didn't happen exactly one year ago as we prepared to leave for New Zealand, but as it is, Laurel and I are missing a family vacation. We weren't up for the trip to northern Michigan, so the boys took the boat and some kayaks and golf clubs and left yesterday morning without us. That would be a total bummer, except that I know people in much worse situations right now and so we're thankful to be able to rest and watch movies (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Tangled, Harry Potter 1-6). And I am very thankful that we found out this morning that it's NOT mono, which I've already had way too much experience with.

So I will re-live some more lovely Kiwi memories while Rapunzel and Flynn Rider spar in the background. I think that's a pretty good afternoon. Come along now, as my kids and I collect spice jars full of sand from each of our favorite local beaches: St Heliers, Ladies Bay, Clouston Street, and the sand spit at the Tahuna Torea nature preserve. We braved swooping seagulls, partially hidden beach perverts, and angry mobs of hungry ducks and, in the end, had four illegal jars of bits of real New Zealand that we'd walked on for six months and fallen in love with. I figured they'd never make it through Customs and back to me in Ohio, but they did. And I treasure them.

Here's a map of all of these spots. Clouston Street is between Karaka Bay and the sand spit. And, of course (apologies for the repetition, might have new readers!), we lived on the little point near the top of the map directly in the center.

We could walk to each and every one of these beaches. I so miss that.

We picked up some lunch before the sand spit and the ducks and Pukekos thought it might be for them.

Another random shot -- mailed this postcard that same day to Trey's friend, DJ, to let him know that we were coming home soon. Love how Trey wrote "I live here" on it. Yes, we did! We lived there.

Back to Rapunzel and her evil mother. And some hot tea, maybe? I've probably already had today's allotment of Swiss Cake Rolls. I will try to get motivated for some healthy fruit.

XO to all! K.

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