Saturday, July 2, 2011

Last visit to Newmarket and Mt. Eden, Roundabout of DOOM!!

Again some of our last this's and last that's. I'm sure that I mentioned Newmarket, a fun upscale shopping area on the border of downtown Auckland, many times in these posts. I succumbed to the most gorgeous and expensive boots I've ever owned at a little store there and spent many hours just wandering in and out of the refreshingly different Kiwi shops. A spiffy little restaurant opened while we were there and I wanted to stop in for lunch before we left, so the kids and I spent a couple of hours in Newmarket before Laurel's last French Horn lesson one of our last days. We fully enjoyed our weird lunch at the Teed Street Larder!

A few months earlier, I'd seen a curious comment in a restaurant review in the paper that had stuck in my mind. The writer said that she'd had to go through "the roundabout of doom" in Royal Oak to get to the restaurant. When I read it, I was just getting the hang of the left-hand driving and the endless roundabouts and that sounded just a bit ominous. I had to give it a go before we left. Trey took photos. It was a cinch! It just looked a bit tricky because it was very small for so many different lanes to be merging into it all at once. I imagine at rush hour it's a bit of a mess.

And the last French Horn That was sad. Laurel loved her teacher, Jillian, as you already know. While she was there we walked around the Three Kings area a bit and drove into Mt. Eden to our favorite dairy for the last time, the Hollywood Dairy! Trey loved it because they had root beer and more American candies than we could find anywhere else. It was fun to see all of the Asian businesses over there. Esp the duck BBQ. Yum...??  :o)

And then back at home, the undeniable evidence of our imminent departure was everywhere. It was difficult to face.

I think that next up is our last field trip -- to Muriwai. Hope everyone is doing great and having a very fun Fourth of July weekend!

xo, K

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