Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Karin Japanese Restaurant!

I have spent 41 and 1/2 years spelling my very common, but strangely spelled, 60s and 70s name. I don't even particularly like the name (sorry mum), and yet I still have to give it extra attention by pointing out the "i" instead of the "e" on a regular basis. So I was quite excited to see a Japanese restaurant in Parnell called Karin. The owners and chef didn't speak much English and so I really didn't get a good explanation, but the kids and I had a wonderful lunch there during our last week in Auckland. I can only assume that if I were Japanese, my name would be not only revered but spelled more conveniently. 

We each were given soup with our bento boxes (which I love, by the way!) but no spoons. We looked around and saw that all of the Japanese people there were drinking out of their bowls. Cool!

I had the Karin bento box of course. Those bento boxes are the coolest! I don't like a whole lot of one thing to eat. I'm a bit of a grazer. So a fancy wooden box with tiny compartments filled with a variety of mysterious foods was very fun!

It's 8am on Thursday morning in New Zealand right now. I bet the Karin chef has already been to the Auckland Fish Market and is preparing his fish for sushi right now. We hope he has a good day filled with slurping friendly customers.


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