Monday, August 1, 2011

The beginning of the end

The last few weeks that we were in New Zealand, I shot about a zillion random, careless photos of the everyday stuff that we would no longer be seeing. In six months there, we really did build a little bit of a life with some roots that had started to take hold. It was hard to pull them up and move on.

Here's the first batch of the things that you might see if you'd spent a few days with us in New Zealand. I'll probably do three posts of these, and really, they're here to fill in the blanks when I print this entire blog into a book (or possibly it will need to be two books). I don't want to miss any little thing!

Arugula (rocket) on EVERY-f'ing-thing!!! And despite hating this bitter cluster of spindly leaves, I get very excited if I see it listed as rocket on a menu here :o)

Dairies galore.

Our wonderful, fabulous friends, the Watsons (Trey, Cam, Finlay, Claire, Laurel).

The Fishmonger and the battered or crumbled prawns!

Standard or fast post??

The view from the little table in our backyard.

Cool stuff in the courtyard by Turo-Turo, our favorite little Philippino restaurant in Glen Innes. (Kia Kaha = Stand Strong)

Trundlers in the carpark :o)

The kite surfers at St Heliers

Really good little band at De Fontein Belgian beer café.

The trampoline at the top of a steep hill that we passed every day on the way to and from school.

Lantana! I just read a book that mentions these lovely magical little flowers and it says: " looked like a tree from the pages of a fairy tale, its pink blossoms and yellow blossoms...How could it produce two different colors -- both orderly and ethereal and alive? It was a preposterously pretty thing."

The red Waiheke ferry.

The light each morning in Dennis's office.

Funny things that floated by each day.

This sign in the butcher's window, which I never did remember to ask about.

And the butcher himself.

A cemetery in Panmure.

Always the signs on the doors.

One of our favorite restaurants -- Indian takeaway, which we took away to the beach.

My pantry filled with strange foods!

Part II coming up next :o)

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