Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hello from stormy New Zealand, friends. How's everybody doing? I am at home today with two kids recovering from what I'm going to call the Glendowie Flu. It's a mean one, and I'm guessing that the germs here are just different enough from what we've had at home that we are simply defenseless against them. And besides the two restless, crabby children, New Zealand in its entirety is being battered as I type by a "massive storm the size of Australia" which is blowing up from the Antarctic Shelf. My lord, really, where are we?? So we sit, bundled up in blankets, reading our books and writing our blog posts, coughing and sneezing and bitching just a little bit. And so far, I've led you all to believe that we're in our own little paradise here, haven't I? It's not always as lovely as those rainbow shots, that's for sure.

Last weekend was a rainy grey mess, too, and so we sort of wandered about with no real purpose in mind, until Eagle-Eye Trey (we really call him that -- he always spots the coolest things) spied these boats out on the mud flats. Four messy shoes and ankles later, we had these kinda neat shots. 

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  1. you're truly getting a full experience! - even the germs. Hope everyone feels better quick.