Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Secret Cove

Laurel and I set off on what we thought we be a short walk last weekend that led to us finding another one of those trails that meanders through people's yards and such. This one also had the added bonus of a few flights of ramshackle concrete remnant stairs that led down into the sweetest little cove.

It was low tide when we stumbled up this and we found all sorts of really interesting sea life living in the pools and holes in the rocks. Little anemone type things that opened and closed their tiny tendrils, things like that. Very cool to watch. Also lots of sea glass which we love to search for and pretty black shells. 

I went back yesterday and found that it was high tide, so things looked quite different. An excellent spot to sit for a few minutes and listen to the waves and watch the boats. Also it's a nice spot to recuperate if you are a klutz and you fell down a few of the steps...

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