Wednesday, September 1, 2010

French Horn starts today

Hello, everyone! Greetings from the first day of spring here in NZ and Australia, where they say a big phooey to the traditional calendar and proclaim that the first of September is close enough. I would agree because it was really sunny and smelled like spring to me.

Laurel wants to play the French Horn. Not sure why and when I ask her she makes that noise that means "I don't know" but she doesn't even actually say the words. So that she can get going with it and then fit in back in Solon when we return, we found a teacher for her here and she started her lessons today in an funny place called the Old Pumphouse, home of the Auckland City Brass in a town called Three Kings. Jillian, her teacher, has a nose ring and a very, very upbeat attitude, which I wish I could somehow emulate. Laurel had a blast.

I wasn't so sure about this endeavor when I learned that I'd have to drive across town to the other side of the motorway, through heavy traffic, and numerous roundabouts, including one over the motorway with all sorts of messiness. But, like everything else, I figured it'd work out and even went through lots of cool areas that I want to return to to walk around and shoot a bit. I'm glad we found Jillian and the Old Pumphouse and decided to make a go of it. We think it's gonna be fun.

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  1. Good for Laurel!! I need to rent a trombone for Mose today and I hope he likes it and does okay with it. He just thought it'd be fun to play. Maybe same with Laurel? Glad you made it across town, now you didn't leave Trey all alone in the house with beer did you??! You now know better. ;) I'm enjoying your blog if you didn't notice ! Dennis' too!