Saturday, September 18, 2010

Almost straight through to the other side

As of today, we've lived here for 8 weeks and we still look at each other fairly often and say something to the effect of, "Can you believe we live in New Zealand on the whole other side of the world??" It's a very strange realization, even now. So tonight Dennis figured out where on earth would be exactly as far away as we could get from Cleveland, Ohio. And this is it, right on that little red star. So technically we could be farther away from home, but not a whole heck of a lot, really. 

This would be called the antipodal point, if you really want to know. The diametrically opposite point on a sphere. Dennis (who seems to be angling to take over here if I'm not careful -- first Zumba and now antipodes) told me this. I had no idea.

Good night from the other side of the planet, where warm air comes from the north and cold air comes from the south and we're just starting spring and we're going to bed and you're waking up this morning! 

xoxo, K.

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