Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spring break in the Sunshine State, like ... usual?

G'day, mates! We've changed time zones again and so now I really have just given up on trying to figure out what day it is with you all, but it's Sunday morning for us. In our own little Bizarro World here, it's spring break and we're in the Sunshine State. That's pretty typical for us -- we're from Florida and we do like to get back there as much as possible during the cold Cleveland weather. But it's September and we're in Far North Queensland in Cairns, Australia. Small differences... it's all good! 

A few of our first clues that this would not be our typical Sunshine State vacation came from the signs we saw when we arrived. 

Then our first night here, Trey caught this in front of our house and I'm just waiting for its mama to come and find us. We're sticking to the pool for swimming...

I'd never heard of Cairns until Dennis mentioned that he'd really like to visit here and see the Great Barrier Reef, so I'm gonna include a map for you all. It's way up north by the equator. Warm and humid here, just like Florida. Makes us happy. :o)

Hope everyone's having a great weekend. Go Gators!! xo, K.

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  1. and another thing...aren't we all going to have to go to "Blog Rehab" and then to out patient therapy when they return to the States ?