Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Auckland Museum, stormy Karekare

Kia Ora, happy fall to everyone in the northern hemisphere! A few photos from last weekend when we stuck around Auckland because of the big storm that tortured the whole country and made us cancel our weekend trip.

We keep reading and hearing about how the Auckland Museum is so fantastic so we finally went and it is! Only saw maybe half of it, and we'll go back on another rainy day to see the rest. Very cool Maori pieces like an enormous waka (canoe), necklaces and belts made of teeth and some amazing portraits of Maori chiefs from around 1900. The Kiwiana items are always neat for the kids -- old toys, books, games, etc. Check out their version of Monopoly where they trained their children to take over not just The Boardwalk and Park Place, but the entire world! 

Their featured exhibit right now is called Kai (Maori for "food") to Pie (they love their meat pies here) and it's all about the history of Auckland as it relates to food. Very enjoyable and interesting. 

The surf was all wild and crazy because of the storm so we headed over to the west coast on Sunday to see how things looked. No one got sick this time on the tiny winding roads, which was a relief. Had to actually walk through a bunch of water to get to this beach, Karekare, which is a bit south of Piha.

Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying some cooler weather. We're heading over to Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia tomorrow morning for spring break. A whole new country to shoot... xo, K.

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  1. Love that last picture of Laurel! Have fun in Australia, Mate! Can't wait to hear all about it.