Saturday, May 28, 2011

The French Market in Parnell

There is so much interesting, delicious, and just excellent quality food in New Zealand. That was definitely one of our favorite parts of living there. On our last Saturday before we headed back stateside, we finally visited the French Market in Parnell. Parnell was about a 15 minute drive into Auckland from our house. A lovely upscale suburb just on the edge of downtown. We'd spent much time in our six months shopping and eating there. And, in fact, my friend, Prime Minister John Key, lives there. 

We parked in the shopping and restaurant area on Parnell Road and walked down through the secret path that the kids and I had discovered previously. We wanted Dennis to see how you just walk down through somebody's driveway and into this little park sandwiched between two residential roads. We discovered this one day when we parked at the end of a long, narrow dead-end street and then got trapped by the oncoming garbage truck. 

Anyway, walking through Parnell, we saw these lovely sights.

This dog apparently visits the market each week and hangs out under the sausage guy's table. A discerning shopper, I guess.

We found the stinkiest most wonderful cheeses that day!! The kids were repulsed. 

Lots of photos in this one. Hope you all have fast Internet connections. :o) Sorry... 

Took home so many yummy things that day and just opened everything up on the kitchen counter and had a lovely feast outside. Perfect day.

Off now to buy some pants for L's band concert and a birthday gift for a classmate and apparently we are looking for some sort of semi-permanent hair color because purple highlights are now all the rage? OK.

xo to all!! K. 

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  1. I love that the dog pretends to not have been discovered. And Trey looks like a magician's assistant revealing the trick! ta da!

    That glass restaurant looked interesting and new and the stone pathway was so many different kinds of stones! Looked old too. Nice shots!

    It'll probably say I'm anonymous but it's shawn again.