Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sailing from Viaduct Harbor

One of our tourist things that we had to do before leaving Auckland in January was to take a little sailboat tour around the harbor for a few hours. We'd been down there zillions of times and walked by the big sailboats all lined up near the restaurants and couldn't leave without boarding one and feeling the lovely sea breezes.

Unfortunately, despite the gale force winds we endured for months upon months, there was no wind to be had that day. So we baked in the sun on a boat with some lunch. But both kids got to be the captain for a while and no one got hurt.

It was a gorgeous day. I'd go again right now and sit there dying of heat exhaustion and sailing along at 2 mph (that's not the right term, I know). Pretty much anything could happen and I'd still love everything about that place. I'm cursed forever.

xo, K.

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