Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two gorgeous nights in Auckland

I know that we have gorgeous sunrises and sunsets here, but I've never seen so many stunning skies as we did in our six short months in New Zealand. Is it the hole in the ozone layer, the position on the globe, the magical air that hangs over the country? Someone must know, but that someone is not me. From two of our last nights in town, I give you Mount Eden at sunset and a view of the Eastern Bays from St Heliers to Mission Bay with a touch of Rangitoto.

Mt. Eden (Maungawhau, the mountain of the whau tree) is the highest volcano in Auckland's volcanic field (one of the 48 volcanoes the city is built on) and a popular spot to take a picnic, a rugby ball, and watch the sunset.

How gorgeous is this??

And the Eastern Bays, our 'hood. Such a lucky, lucky place to spend six months.

The first two are nearly identical, but I cannot choose between the clouds. And because this is my blog and I'm not even sure that anyone else reads it, I will take the liberty to post both.

And one cute girl! We were walking back to St. Heliers after eating our last dinner in Mission Bay. A lovely tradition that we were so sad to leave.

Goodnight, all!
Cheers, K.


  1. I like those purple flowers and I like the pic with more light so you can see the flowers better even though there are fewer in that shot. Others do read this! ;) I also find the tree growing sideways is curious. Laurel is always cute :)

  2. I posted the last comment, I'm sure that there are dozens by now...

  3. I don't know why it keeps calling me anonymous! It's Shawn!