Monday, May 2, 2011

The baker and the bus stop

Auckland has the coolest bus stops. There was one at the intersection of Rarangi and Vale roads that I drove by nearly every day. Finally one day I remembered I wanted to take a few photos of it and walked down the hill into St Heliers.

In a very terrible twist of events, walking to the bus stop meant walking back up the very steep hill and past Tower Bakery, where I had to stop for some lunch and a frosted pig cookie to replenish my strength. So unfortunate!! As you can imagine, just a torturous experience.

Tony, the baker, used to be a photographer for the Waikato Times and was kind enough to let me take a few shots there as well. He even invited me to stop in very early one morning (5am?!) if I wanted some atmospheric flour-everywhere-dough-making photos. I really did want to do that, but never seemed to get up in time. One of my few regrets about our time there.

Yes, it does say that the Anzac biscuits are "scrummy" -- don'tcha love it!?

A few weeks later, in January when everyone flees the city for the beaches (I mean it -- everyone, the city is empty!), this sign was on the door. Tony did not return on the 5th of January either. I don't think we saw him again before we left on the 22nd. The Kiwis are a chilled people.

Have fun! :o) K.

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  1. that's awesome that everyone leaves and businesses plan accordingly :) Interesting bus stop, bit more than those "shelters" we have here.