Thursday, May 5, 2011

Waiheke Island

Hello and happy Thursday from muddy, muddy Ohio, where we just had the first start-to-finish sunny day that I can remember since we returned in January. Not kidding. So what did we do? Cleaned out my truck! Amongst other (better) things. :o)

Back in the beginning of January, when we still lived in summer, in the last couple of weeks before it was time to leave we did all the touristy things we hadn't yet done. It was like a crazy psycho See All of Auckland in One Week Tour. But I didn't want to have any regrets!!

Every day for six months we'd looked at Waiheke Island from the back of our house. It's a very popular day and vacation destination, known for its beaches, restaurants, wineries, and chilled island vibe. Just a short drive downtown to the ferry terminal and a 30 minute boat ride and we were there! It's really a place that deserved more than a day trip. But we saw it and we enjoyed it and we know now to go back for a few days when we're in New Zealand again.

Cricket on the beach. Awesome!

Bonus portion of the day was that we got to see some container ships. I loved the container ships and the cranes and the big stacks of containers.

If you look really, really closely here, you can see a house with a red tile roof. We lived right next door to that house. That was Skip Watson's house. He was way cool.

And when we arrived back in Auckland, we realized we felt pretty goofy walking around downtown in our bathing suits, so Dennis took photos of us to make it even worse. Nice.

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