Sunday, May 22, 2011

The fire

One pretty evening just before dinner, I was outside admiring something or other -- a pod of dolphins, whales that were thought to be extinct, leprechauns dancing on the little table down by the water, unicorns frolicking in the surf -- something New Zealandish. Dark clouds caught my eye and I wondered for just a moment if a column of black smoke was normal in the evening sky. Of course it wasn't!

We all headed over that way thinking maybe it was a house or then, no, maybe it was our tennis club -- uh oh. But it turned out to be Glendowie Primary School, the other school in our little town. It was quite a fire. Lots of rebuilding needed but I heard that all the kids had a place to go when they returned February and that things are coming along well there. And no one was hurt. But what a scary mess!

On the other side of the sky, things were very beautiful!

Most Aucklanders flee the city in January, so I imagine it was quite a shock for all of the happy holidayers to learn of this. Not cool.

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! Talk to you all soon.

Cheers, K.

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