Sunday, February 27, 2011

Neudorf Vineyards

Ohio, New Zealand, Ohio, back to New Zealand. Sorry, I know this is a bit confusing -- where will she be today?? But soon I will run out of New Zealand photos and then you'll all be stuck with me in Ohio and wherever else I wander. I'll keep showing you cool stuff though, I promise. Cool stuff is everywhere.

Today, we're back on the South Island and it was one of our most favorite (Trey says this is not "vocabularicly" correct grammar) afternoons ever in the entire world, so if you're planning a trip to NZ, please do include a stop at Neudorf Vineyards on your itinerary and have a glass of Pinot Noir for me. I would be so grateful!

I don't know much of anything about wine, and really only started drinking it regularly a few years ago. For a long time I only liked the sweeter varieties, like Reisling, or really if you'd have given me a wine cooler a la 1989, I'd have been perfectly happy as well. So I'm awfully proud to say that after living the Kiwi life for six months, my favorites are now Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. They sound like grown-up wines to me, though for all I really know they could be the most embarrassingly amateur wines ever. Reisling tastes like cough syrup now so I guess I'm progressing in some way. By the time I hit 75 I hope to be able to enjoy turpentine.

In the five or six days we had in the Nelson area, we only had actual plans on two of those so one afternoon we headed into town (Motueka) and then stopped at Neudorf on the way back to Lemonade Farm. It was just down the road -- we really could've walked there it was so close. Paradise vacation time was nearly over, so we packed up all of the leftover odds and ends of cheeses, breads, crackers, fruits, and dips and stopped in to see what it was all about. 

A really lovely woman asked us what we liked ("NOT Reisling or Fuzzy Navel wine coolers!!!", I shouted) and let us try a few. Then we got to set up our snack assortment on a beautiful little table on the edge of the vineyard and enjoy the view and a glass of such delicious wine. Very fun! And they didn't mind at all when I poked around taking heaps of photos either, so now Neudorf is my all-time favorite wine. You can actually get it in the US, but not everywhere, and not Ohio, sadly. Bummer.

We'd love to spend a few days out in Napa Valley exploring some of the California vineyards now that we've whet our appetites for hanging around wineries all day. It's a very relaxing way of life!! On that note, if you're interested at all in wine and its production, you might want to rent Bottle Shock which is about the California wines' entry into the world market (and beat the pants off some French wines) back in the 70s when they were just thought of as a bunch of hicks. Really well done and interesting.

Talk to you all soon... xo, K.

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