Thursday, February 24, 2011

A dash of glitter

My lovely friend, Judy, once gave me a ridiculous sparkly birthday card with a singing monkey on it and inside she suggested that this might be the kind of photography that I should pursue. Her reasoning was that if my images weren't all that great, I could always just add glitter.

I'd forgotten about that until this week when, in my post-New Zealand house-purging frenzy, I tackled the nightstand drawer next to my side of the bed and its assorted contents ranging from 7 pens to 3 Chapsticks to birthday and Mother's Day cards dating back to 2002. Obviously the glitter monkey card was in there and it made me laugh as Judy's cards always do.

On Sunday and Monday we had a bit of an ice storm and it left every single thing in its path all silvery and gorgeous. Dare I say -- glittery? I think Judy might have something there. How can you go wrong with glittery?

What do you think? Should I stick with the glitter theme for a while or return to sunny warm New Zealand? Not that a I have a choice...just making chit chat.

Here's something cool. A big tree was uprooted in our backyard about 7 years ago and it got wedged into the branches of another tree so it's been just hanging out back there causing a small amount of concern. The ice storm brought it down all the way! Hooray!

Unfortunately, the ice also brought down some power lines and our friends just across the main road lost their electricity for two nights. We were without power here for just one night ourselves, but that wasn't too bad. On Monday, our good friends, Sam and Jack, spent the night here with us to avoid freezing to death and we were so happy to have them here!

It's supposed to snow quite a bit starting any second now, and more ice was mentioned. I need another dose of glitter if I'm going to make any sort of career of this, so here's hoping.

Be well, all. And stay safe out there. It's looking nasty.
xo, K.


  1. Hey I remember that card! Thank you for calling me your lovely friend! Glad the monkey inspired your creativity too…monkeys and glitter, a formula for success.

    And, by the way, all day Tuesday I was marveling at the ice sparkling everywhere and hoping that someone who is a real photographer (not just a gal with a tripod) was taking pictures!Your pictures are gorgeous!

  2. If you click on Judy's name in the first sentence, by the way, it will take you to her facebook page for her magnificent painting adventures! She's quite an artist.