Sunday, February 20, 2011

Even cold and dormant can be beautiful...right?

Kia Ora and hey there everyone. We decided in New Zealand that upon returning home, we'd be making some changes in our lives that would free us up a bit to enjoy a more, shall we say, balanced array of activities. And right behind that revelation came the idea to explore our own country even more than we already do.

Given our newfound love of the outdoors, we figured we'd give it a try in a different environment. Everyone got all bundled up yesterday and headed to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which is literally a 15 minute drive from our house. Have we EVER been there? Once, many years ago. How sad is that! Not for long, Bubba!

The only itty bitty little catch with this plan lies in the fact that we live in a place where winter really makes its presence known. Having grown up in Florida, I just have never made peace with winter and its sub-zero wind chills. Of course I've also never been interested enough to go out and get the right gear. So now I have a new pair of waterproof hiking shoes and some (New Zealand merino wool) long johns AND a pair of warm, warm waterproof hiking boots for winter on the UPS truck and due to arrive here in a few days. So that's taken care of. :o)

I am really determined to get outside more and really live here full-time, rather than ignoring the outside world for nearly half of each year. The other key to getting myself motivated to leave a perfectly warm cozy house when it's 25˚ outside is to realize that the whole world looks different in the wintertime and that means photos.

So, shoes and long johns, check, and camera with beloved new backpack for my camera gear from NZ, check. Not much more I can do except suck it up and get in the truck.

If any of you have suggestions for other places to hike in the wintertime (or hike and kayak when it gets warm, too!), please please share!! Let's take advantage of this spark of adventurousness!! (That is apparently a word. Spell check didn't underline it, too funny!)

I'm a bit confused though about the lack of Tui songs and Koru (the spirally unfurling new fern fronds) and green, green, green everywhere. This is going to take a little while...


  1. Hi, love your blog. Very inspiring and a good reminder not to take our surroundings for granted hot or cold. Although I don't envy you the cold right now. On my way to work, driving along the beautiful Auckland waterfront, I was thinking about how amazing this country is and how I need to get the kids and mysef out into nature more often. It's so easy to get caught up in the mundane day to day of it all. Thanks for that and stay warm.

  2. Kathy I love hearing my NZ friends on here sooooo much. Thank you for posting a comment -- you're right, you do live in such an amazing country! And it's all so relatively close and easy. I feel like part of me is still there. Please stay in touch! And enjoy the rest of your summer :o) Lucky!!! xo, K.