Monday, February 21, 2011

God Defend New Zealand

Just had to sign in here for a minute to say that our thoughts and prayers and hearts are with New Zealand right now as the citizens of Christchurch have just experienced another even more devastating earthquake. A 6.3 magnitude quake hit very close to the city and at a very shallow 5km depth, which means it was more violent than the higher magnitude quake last September.

I am currently texting friends in Auckland who are telling me that they can't reach many family members and friends in Christchurch. News reports say that roads are impassable, bridges are out, liquefaction has been seen (soil acting as liquid), and buildings have collapsed.

My dear friend Jenny tells me that because it struck just before 1pm on Tuesday, kids are in school and adults are at work and no one can reach anyone else because phones are down. She just spoke to someone who swam across a river and is now running home because that's the only way he can get there.

We're so far away now. I can't bear the thought of anything bad happening to this most magical place and its people. Hoping for the best for them.

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