Thursday, February 10, 2011

Find yourself a sunspot

I know I promised Abel Tasman park was coming up next, but the photos aren't yet ready and I just had to show y'all a happy, happy dog who found herself a little spot of sun on this bitterly cold day. If only I could just ignore the errands and snuggle up and stay there with her all day! She is the sweetest thing!!

If you were lucky enough to be in Cleveland today and looked out my kitchen window this is what you'd see. I won't even show you the 5' mountain of snow all around the driveway, because it'd just scare you too much if you're not from these parts.

Not until I got unceremoniously plunked into the middle of a Cleveland winter with no prep time did I realize how true this fridge magnet really is!

It's up to 10 degrees (oh how I wish I meant 10 degrees Celsius!!) now, so I suppose I can get in the truck with the heated seats and make my way to buy some dog food and rent a cello. Oy vey...

xoxo to you all, K.


  1. Do your NZ friends know what Oy vey means? You may need to translate!

  2. You are Jewish!! Oy veh?