Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I hate Cyclone Yasi

In six hours, while we are focusing on the enormous snow and ice storm crossing the US, Cyclone Yasi will make a direct hit on Far North Queensland, Australia. More specifically on lovely little Cairns, a popular vacation spot full of all sorts of tropical beachy things to do and a fleet of boats to carry hundreds of happy tourists out to the Great Barrier Reef each day. We spent 10 heavenly days there back in Sept./Oct. Read one of the Cairns posts from October here.

With 300 km/hr (almost 200mph) winds expected to shatter the coast for ten hours as the 500km-wide cyclone passes over, I'm so afraid for all of the lovely places we saw and people we met. Flights out have already ceased but I hope that our fishing friends made it to somewhere safe. I hate to think what will happen to the idyllic home that we enjoyed so much.

As I watch the footage from our own troubles I will also be thinking of the gorgeous little part of the world where we swam with sea turtles and caught hammerhead sharks on the beach not so long ago. A place I'd never even heard of until we moved to New Zealand. I hope that things aren't as bad as predicted.

Talk to you all soon with more New Zealand posts. I've got a hideous little stomach bug that's keeping me down right now. Welcome back to winter, right? Be well everyone...

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