Friday, February 18, 2011

I haven't forgotten New Zealand

...but real life has started to creep back in. As I've said before, there are still heaps of NZ posts to get up and I will very definitely do just that, but my worlds are colliding and so it seems that the blog is going through some reintegration transformations. I hope you don't mind the apples from my kitchen mixed in with starfish in Abel Tasman. I think you can all keep up! I have faith in you.

And so to mess with the time-space continuum just a bit, I'm going to show you the sweetest little baby that I had the pleasure of meeting this morning. Miss Cadence here was born back in October, but wasn't actually due until a couple of weeks ago. That's when she finally got to come home and this morning we took some pictures together. She was a very good sport and seems to be fond of hats.

Back to Aotearoa soon, I promise! Check back tomorrow and find out why my license plate now reads TUI. :o) xo to all!! K.

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