Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To the hoop, to the hoop, to the hoop y'all...

It's basketball! Trey's school has a basketball team that plays once a week. Their season's winding down, but they needed an extra boy to play in the Eastern suburbs tournament last week, so Trey's playground skillz got him the spot. Dennis took the morning off and we took two of the other boys along and sat in a cold gym for 4 hours and tried to to figure out the rules. It's a bit different here, but very similar. Interesting to note -- many teams were coached by moms, there was almost no complaining about fouls, and it is not a very aggressive game here so if you're ready to rebound, chances are you're gonna do well. 

The other two boys, Marcus and Brad, explained that they don't really know how to play, but if they're interested, the school will make sure that they find someone to coach and let them play. Much unlike the parent-driven, ultra competitive sports that we see where we live. Trey was pretty happy to get to go. It was at Selwyn College in Kohimarama, about 10 minutes from us. They won 2, lost 2.

When Trey found out he made the team, my first thought was, "Oh crap, we didn't bring any basketball shoes!" But his gym teacher said that he didn't need them b/c almost no one wore them. At home, he and his friends of course have expensive shoes that match their uniforms, etc. Here they wear whatever they have and some of the teams make their own numbers. 

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