Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cows, Eels, etc...

Kia Ora friends! How's everybody doing? It's Sunday night here, just about 8pm -- any of you care to venture a guess at what time that means on the East Coast? Let's see who's been paying attention. :o) I was just going thru some photos I took today at a remote beach on the West Coast here and then figured I'd better get Friday's cow shots up first. So I think I mentioned the whole tramping thing here. Walk, walk, walk... We are all going to be in such danged good shape in a few more months. My body will not know what to do with that. The kids have been thrust into cross country training since the day they arrived at school. They run 2.8 miles around this very hilly parkland and this Wednesday they'll all compete in the yearly cross country event as a school. I can't imagine running 2.8 miles, but I do go and walk for hours now exploring, finding my way around, and meeting funny and interesting people. Last Friday, I met some cows. 

I was so delighted with these cute guys that I am going to post three photos of them, even though they're all nearly identical! I just can't help it. :O) I was laughing out loud all by myself in the middle of this pasture. Weird American!!

Saw some other cool stuff that day, too... This beautiful pink tree was so loud once I was underneath it. It sounded like it was about to blast off. Seems it was just filled from bottom to top with buzzing bees. This is on the street where we live. 

Here's part of the trail that just sort of meanders through all sorts of backyards and backs of schools, the tennis club, alongside streams and then through more backyards and sometimes it squeezes between two houses and across the street and then between more houses. It's really very strange to me, but I think I said before we remember this from the UK. 

 Bamboo! Cool! And in case you were thinking that stream looks nice to take a dip when it's hot out, consider this sign:

A couple more cool trees and then I'm out. I'll leave you pondering the eel sign till next time. Hope everyone is having  a good weekend. 

Write to us!!!! xoxoxo, K.


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