Monday, August 2, 2010

A New Zealander's opinion of Americans

Was walking through a field this morning and wondering if it was OK to follow the trail through the gate and then through all of the cows on the other side of gate. I was afraid that I'd get in trouble for disturbing some sacred New Zealand cows or for damaging their habitat or something, but the trail went right through them! So I asked this older man who was sitting on a bench, smoking a cigarette and throwing a huge branch for his dog. He told me that yes, just walk right on through the gate and through the cows (steers, he called them) and it's not a problem. 

Then he said, "What a lovely accent!" I never think of Americans as having lovely accents. I always think that everyone else has a lovely accent. Once he verified that I was from America, he proceeded to tell me that he has never been to America but he loves the people he's met and what America stands for -- a true example of democracy. He said that the rest of the world owes a lot to "the Yanks" and that it was just wonderful to have us here visiting.

Happy to hear kind words about my country so far from here and thought I'd share with the rest of you :O)

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