Tuesday, August 17, 2010

For Katherine and Samantha

A couple of our friends have asked to see photos of where we live so we took a few last week to show everyone. For the next few months we are living in this sprawling house that was built about 50 years ago at the top of a cliff in Glendowie, about 15 minutes from downtown Auckland. It was sold a month or so ago to a man from China and it's been empty for a little while, so lots of people have been here lately to fix various things -- the pool pump (needs a new switch), the gates (were just opening and closing on their own all day and all night), the spa pool, the dishwasher drawers (one worked, one didn't), etc. 

We're only living in a small part of the house. We just don't see any reason to furnish the whole thing when we are comfortable with bedrooms, a kitchen and family room, dining room, and an office. So lots of it is empty. One huge room is Trey and Dennis's indoor rugby and soccer room. Kinda weird. We don't care. :O) So here ya go, Katherine and Sam! A little tour...

I know, I know. The views are so disappointing, but what can you do?

This is Laurel's room. Always a MESS, just like at home!! :O)

Here's the view from our bedroom. Again, just awful, I know. Please try not to weep for us. I am hoping once it warms up a bit that I can open those doors at night and sleep listening to the waves below... 

If you do feel like weeping, I could use some sympathy for having to share a closet with Trey. It was either share my two walk in closets with him, or get him a dresser for just six months. Dennis has a whole wing for all of his stuff downstairs which is nice because he wakes hours before normal sane people should every day.

And some of the outside, which was why we were so keen on this place anyway.

So who's coming to visit? We miss you all!! The gardens here are amazing. I'll post photos of that in the summertime when everything's in bloom.

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  1. Karin-
    I'm sure you've heard this a million times--but I'll say it again. What an amazing exerience! I am so jealous. The travel, the location, and you get to wake up to those incredible views everyday. Thanks for sharing your experience with us so we can feel like we've been somewhere too!