Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Kia Ora again, American friends! It's getting toward the end of Wednesday here, 11 August. The kids had their big cross country event at school today so some people here are a bit worn out and relaxing and then others (me) are trying to get the smell of egg out of the kitchen. Long story. Eggs don't smell all that good after they've lingered a while. I'm rather tired of that chore and so I think it's time to post some pics from one of the coolest places I've ever seen (so far!) -- Piha on the Western coast on the Tasman Sea. Here's a map so you can see for your very own selves:

Thought it's not actually all that far from us in distance, you must travel these very windy narrow mountain roads to get there. For a long long long time. I think I've mentioned my carsickness issues? But boy was it worth the drive! And I'd like to mention my gratefulness again for a rugged and adventurous husband who gets us to all of these sorts of places, and doesn't even need to close his eyes, even for a minute.

There were people there from various countries, from what I could hear and see, but it wasn't at all crowded. I'm told that it's a popular day trip destination for New Zealanders, and I bet it's pretty busy in the summertime. Good surf spot.

That big rock you can see behind Dennis and the kids is Lion Rock, which is the remnants of a 16 million year old volcano. 

There is just one little cafe down there and an eclectic little general store with some sandwiches and picnic tables. These boys were selling their kiwis to the store. I thought they were eggs and they looked at me as if I was mad. I'm not a good representative of my country over here. 

On the way back out to civilization we went down a long road that we thought might take us to the edge of the harbor. It might have if we'd all worn our waders, but as it was we gave up and were happy with this cool fern and the fifth rainbow of the day.

Until next time... xoxo, K.

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