Thursday, August 19, 2010

Maritime Museum and Devonport, and for an extra $1, a giant pig

Hello, everyone!

Just a few photos from last weekend before this weekend starts and then I am waaay behind. Can't let that happen; this is serious stuff!! :-)

Did our exploring close to home last weekend at the Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum at Viaduct Harbour, downtown Auckland. Wish we'd had even more time there - fascinating stuff about NZ's seafaring history, America's Cup, immigrants' stories, the initial voyages by the predecessors of the Maori that settled here. The courage required to get into a sail- and paddle-powered boat with some pigs and chickens and head off onto the ocean in search of an island "somewhere out there" -- I just can't quite imagine. But here we all are. Way to go, explorers!!

We live at West Tamaki Head. So ... we've got that going for us. 

Enjoyed some cool views of the city, too.

On Sunday, we took a ferry across the harbor to Devonport, a cute town full of caf├ęs, bakeries, shops, boats, and pretty streets. It's also home to North Head, a former fort used by Maoris and then by the European settlers to defend the harbour. There are dark, wet, and semi-creepy tunnels and remnants of all sorts of military things. And lots of walking and hills and then more walking up the hills. Really, I'm fine. Just looooove walking up all the hills all the time! 

Auckland's Ferry Building

I found that enormous pig really amusing, amidst all of the tiny sheep and all. 

This was literally knitted around the bench. I'm so curious about why and who did this?

More explorations this weekend. Y'all come back now, ya hear?

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