Sunday, November 28, 2010

Still waiting, Ken!

Saw this funny and very much to-the-point message painted on a fence just south of Rangiriri this weekend. Would love to meet both the painter and Ken. Also -- I assumed this was on the fence of the guy that's owed $300, but Laurel thinks it's actually Ken's fence. Either way, made us laugh...


  1. OK. So you've been gone 4 months and I'm just now figuring out that if I click on your pictures I can see them REALLY big on my screen!!!! Thus, I can read this fabulous message to KEN!! I might try it!

  2. Samantha, I did the same thing! First time i think that I've clicked on one. I'm not convinced that it's Ken fence or the one who is owed. Could be either, but if it's Ken's, wouldn't he be quite mad and maybe paint over it? You said people are very easy going, about some things anyway as Dennis demonstrated and not so about others (leaving children under 14 home alone--that cracks me up!)