Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baseball New Zealand

Kia Ora and play ball! A few weeks ago Trey made the school baseball team, which only played for one day and most of the kids didn't know any of the rules. It was quite entertaining to an American that has spent the past 8 summers at a ballpark most every night. Apparently the country of New Zealand has hired this American guy to come over here and start up a baseball program so that the Kiwis can be more competitive in the sport. He organizes day-long events for local schools to come in and learn a bit about the game, use Baseball NZ's equipment and umps and trainers with hopes that they'll start gambling and dippin' chaw and get hooked on the all-American sport.

Like some of the other sports here, there are both boys and girls on the baseball team and it's cool to see that they really play well together. Not like 3-year-olds, but in an equal and supportive and this-is-just-the-way-we-do-this way. It's not at all weird and there's no boys against girls sort of attitude. Actually at this age, the girls are all about 5'8" and the boys are ... not quite that yet, so the girls have a definite advantage in a lot of ways. I think it's cool that they do it this way. A different dynamic and it seems that this environment lends itself to a more cohesive, tolerant, and confident group of kids, both boys and girls.

It was one of the last horrible days that we had before things started getting really nice. We watched the dark windy squalls roll through one after another all day long. But on they played. One younger team had the time of their lives running into the wind with their jackets pulled up like kites.

With his superior knowledge of the game (haha!), Trey was sort of a player, sort of a coach. I'm just glad no one asked me to step up and they let me wander aimlessly taking photos, like usual.

And here, my brilliant boy volunteered when they asked for a girl to call the coin toss.

Met some nice parents that day and had a good time watching the kids from all over the eastern suburbs learn about one of "our" sports. See if you notice anything weird about the kids from Meadowbank, by the way. I think I have mentioned that people here have a strong fondness for not wearing shoes.

Good night, everyone! Off to find some Cracker Jacks...


  1. Jack was just looking at this photo and I said "Trey looks so different, doesn't he?" And Jack said "His hair is longer!" OMG! He's right!!!!! That's what is so different and it's been on my mind for a very long time!! Jack is such a cracker, isn't he?

  2. His hair is longer, but it's more than that, i think it IS the water!! Both kids look different. That's so funny about the playing baseball for one day. The kids with their jackets like kites is awesome! Looked like they were having a great time :) Did Laurel play ball? I love that the girls played as well. Did they let Trey call the coin for the girls? or did they notice that he didn't exactly qualify?

    Did you all see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? We saw it tonight. It was done better than 6 I think. I think what they did do, was done pretty well, although they changed it a bit or a lot...